public art projects

In 2016, I installed my first two permanent public art projects in Massachusetts. Since then I’ve been awarded several more permanent public art commissions: “Spark of Life” (2022) — a painting/installation for the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, Mass; “Hope Springs Eternal” (2022) — painting/installation for the City of Hope’s Lennar Foundation Cancer Center, in Orange County, Calif; “Silent River” (2020) at Denver’s new healthcare facility; and “Universal Sea” (2019) in the new Student Services building at Texas A&M University. Also shown below is “Raging,” a site-specific installation made for my solo exhibition at Eastern Washington University in 2020. I’m delighted that my art practice continues to include painting as the foundation for my installations; and that their scale attracts the viewer’s attention, yet provides tiny, intimate details of mystery, beauty, and joy.

spark of life | beth israel deaconess medical center

hope springs eternal | city of hope lennar foundation cancer center

when we die, we’ll float in space on a dandelion nebula | site-specific installation

silent river | Denver Health


raging | site-specific installation


universal sea | texas a+m university